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Tennis with Attitude

General Terms & Conditions

  • No refunds will be given for unexcused absences (notice less than 24 hours in advance).

  • In case of illness, injury, etc. please provide a doctor's certificate to receive a refund.

  • In case of bad weather, the children’s/ junior training will still take place.

  • Off-court tennis practice (Fitness/Footwork training) will take place instead of on-court tennis practice.

  • In case of bad weather, adults may choose to postpone, do their conditioning outside or move the lesson to the indoor courts (Vitis, Schlieren). A surcharge will apply for the indoor court fee.

  • If tennis equipment is damaged during the lesson by a participant, the participant or his/her/their parents will be charged/fined.

  • If payment is not received 15 days before the start of the course, the participant will be prevented from attending the course.

  • For children’s/ junior training, the price is fixed and according to the price list, it is valid for the whole season, whether the participant attends the training or not.

  • Only exceptions are for injured or sick participants (with a doctor's certificate).

  • Parents are responsible for underage children before and after practice.

  • Coaches are only responsible for minors on the court or off-court during fitness/footwork or other similar off-court practices which are included in the tennis academy’s programs.

  • Coaches have the right to suspend students who do not behave appropriately.

  • Parents will not be reimbursed for the time missed.

  • Invoices for group training sessions and subscriptions are sent on a monthly basis.

  • Private lessons can be paid directly after the class by Twint or by invoice on a monthly basis.

  • Group lessons, packages, and camps must be paid 15 days prior to the lesson, otherwise,

  • the player will not be able to attend the lessons.

  • Non-members must pay a surcharge of CHF 15 for the court fee.

  • The amount is only valid for non-members, as soon as a member joins, the non-members are exempt from the surcharge.

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