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About Smash it like Phinny

"Everything begins inside your mind. With the right mindset, you will succeed."

Mindset is key at the Smash it Like Phinny Academy and it is our goal to have you show up to every practice with the right attitude. However, it's not just about stepping onto the tennis court with a growth mindset. We are dedicated to developing your attitude and mindset so that you can reach your potential both on and off the court. After all, tennis is a game of life, and patience is key. 

We believe in putting strengths before weaknesses. Often coaches focus on weaknesses when strengths are what keep us motivated, help us achieve our goals, and simply make us who we are. Hence the reason why our academy focuses 80% on strengths and only 20 % on weaknesses. Every student has different goals and learns differently. Therefore it is our goal to make sure you maintain your individuality while aiding you to stay motivated and reach your fullest potential.


When joining the Smash it like Phinny Academy

Here's what we expect from you: 

Commitment 1 

I warm up at least 15' before training. I know how to warm up properly for training to prevent myself from injuries. My trainer does not have to remind me. No matter my level, I know how important warming up is for my body. 

Commitment 2 

When I show up to practice, I do my best. If I am not well/comfortable, I don't come to practice. 

Commitment 3 

I don't swear on the court and I don't throw my racket! 

Commitment 4 

I respect all participants in the course and handle balls carefully. I do not hit anyone or throw balls at them. 

Commitment 5 

I always bring a water bottle to practice. 

Drinking is important and I am aware of that.

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